Greyboard is the everyday craftpersons utility board, mainly for applications where it is covered or painted over. It is available in several sensibly spaced thickness, and a wide variety of sizes. We offer a cut-to-size service in addition to several set sizes. We also sell an all-kraft Brownboard, in just one thickness, at a comparable price.

Greyboard uses a high amount of recycled waste, in addition to cheaper pulp mixes. Flecks of of residual printer's ink, or coloured scraps of dyed paper can often be seen and should not be regarded as impurities. For better quality board, at a greater price, choose Millboard, and best quality Card is made in heavy weights which can also be called Boards.

Please note that we are selling card for craft, not precisely sized boards. Whilst we aim to provide square boards accurate to within one or two mm, and normally do this, we are expecting customers to trim to their own required sizes, and ask that they accept work within our tolerances.