Kits and item-compilations, manly related to one type of craft

This shop is mainly concerned with supplying "stuff" to craftspeople. This section lists bundles of pre-packed selections of tools ~ materials ~ instructions ~ suitable for making a particular project. There is no financial advantage in buying a kit over the separate items one by one.

The kits are standalone, and make ideal presents. We offer kits in several versions. Starter (complete with everything) ~ Tyro (materials to make a second or further items) ~ Advanced (as Tyro but with materials in a raw state, eg untrimmed). For example established crafters will not need to buy a second straight edge, nor more glue. 

For ease of reference we name our kits after inventors, such as Newton, Davy, Einstein. There is no relation between the names and the type of kit ~ "Faraday" does not imply discoveries in galvanism.

We have separate folders for Materials and Tools, from which individual items can bechosen and purchased.